webfocusdesign.com is moving!

This is just a quick post to announce that I am moving my web design company’s site (www.webfocusdesign.com) from Crystaltech to HostMySite and will now be offering hosting services to my clients through their reseller program.

The decision was in no way motivated by any problems I was having at Crystaltech but by a better offer I had from HostMySite as well as the good personal relationship I’ve developed with them over a very short time. HostMySite did everything right to earn my business and loyalty and I will also move this site there shortly.

I have changed the DNS entries at my registrar’s and the new DNS are propagating right now. Email might be a little dodgy for a few days but everything should be over quickly. Once the move is complete I’ll do the same with pixelyzed.com and will post an announcement when it’s done.

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