Get Headway Before November 25

Note: I’m leaving this article up for “historical” purposes but, please note that I no longer recommend Headway. I’ve had far too many problems with it after I published this post. Try it if its feature set appeals to you but I no longer stand behind it.

Many of you know that, since I’ve started working with WordPress, the only theme I’ve used on any client project is Headway. Headway is not “just” a theme like the multitude of premade themes (free or paid) you can download and slap on a site with a few tweaks. Headway is a theme framework. It enables me to integrate any design I create or is given to me into a site. It affords me total flexibility as well as reliable tools I can count on project after project. To me, it’s not just a WordPress theme or a framework but a complete Web Site Design and Development System.

So you can understand why I’m so enthusiastic about it and will recommend it to anyone who will listen here and on Twitter. I don’t recommend or advertise just any products on this site and Headway is one I really believe in.

So, on November 25th, Headway 3.0 (affiliate links in this post) will be released and everyone who has seen the videos or played with the beta are raving about it and how much better it will be than it already is. The revolutionary Visual Editor will be even more powerful and flexible than before and Headway 3.0 will now fully support child themes. Headway’s Visual Editor was always drag and drop but the new Blocks system makes it more powerful and flexible than ever. Check out the Headway Themes Blog where you’ll find many posts and videos detailing all that is new in Headway 3.0.

But Why Should You Get Headway Now?

Simple, after November 25th, the pricing structure for Headway will change. Prices will go up and Headway will be moving to an annual subscription model. But if you get Headway now, before November 25, you will be locked in for life at the old pricing and service packages. This means that, you will secure the current pricing (I strongly recommend you get the developer license) and you will get upgrades for life as well as lifetime support!

Getting the developer license now will also entitle you to some of the new components (like child themes) that are coming with Headway 3.0. New Blocks are also coming from 3rd party developers as well as from the Headway team and some of them will be free.

To me, it’s a no brainer. Headway is the best theme framework out there right now and version 3.0 will be even better. Don’t hesitate and get Headway 3.0 now!


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