About Me

For the few people who might be interested… 😉

I’m a 48 years old guy and computer geek and I’ve been working and playing on the web for over 17 years now. I live in a beautiful small town about 20 miles East of Montreal with Isabelle, my life partner and companion for the last 22 years. We have a beautiful and happy life together and I am very grateful for it…

I own a web design and development business helping freelancers, solopreneurs and organizations of all sizes create or improve their online presence. I’m very passionate about my work as it directly impacts results in my clients businesses and that is what ultimately fuels me to move forward, learn and improve then share that knowledge with my clients as well as here on this site.

I got online in early 1996 and I’ve quickly become very passionate about the web as a social and communication medium. I immediately started looking “under the hood” of the best web sites of the day trying to understand and learn how it all worked. I was fascinated and excited by the possibilities of the medium and I got hooked. In 1997, I created the ancestor of this site under a different name (no longer online and all evidence is lost… 😉 ) and in 1998, I created my business. I’ve never looked back since.

Since then I went through a series of learning phases, used different technologies, improved my design, technical and business skills and in August of 2008, I went at it full time. About a year later, I discovered WordPress and again felt the same kind of excitement about limitless possibilities I originally felt when discovering the Web. I quickly decided to make WordPress my specialty and I gave up the other technologies I’d been using before. WordPress has truly revolutionized my workflow and my business. It made me a fanatic. It has enabled me to build better and more powerful web sites for my clients so I can empower them and help them succeed. I love WordPress and the community around it.

It’s been over 5 years now since I went in business full time and I now have a partner. I no longer think of myself as a freelancer but more as an entrepreneur. That is a huge shift in mindset but I’ll always be passionate about the nuts and bolts of the Web and that’s why I want to keep sharing my best finds, opinions and experience about WordPress and the tools surrounding it here. I can’t promise I will publish more often than I’ve done in the past, but I do promise you’ll always get my best informed and honest opinions in reviews and the best of my distilled experience in tutorials which are coming.

About Music

In a former life I was a budding professional musician and music still plays a huge role in my life. Those who know me personally know how important music has been for me for a very long time and how hard my band mates and I worked to make it in that business. Ultimately, it wasn’t meant to be, but I have no regrets since we tried everything we could think of. My only “regret” is that we were active and at our peak a few years too early to take advantage of the tools the Web offers to musicians now to reach a wider audience…

But music is still part of my DNA and I still love discovering new music and new artists. I don’t play much anymore because my work takes most of my time. But I listen to all kinds of music all the time, and I still get a lot of joy from it. No matter what I do, I will always define myself as a musician first…

So welcome to my humble home on the web! I’m really glad you’re here. Don’t be a stranger and add your comments to my posts or contact me directly.