Behind the Curtain (Colophon)

For those who might be interested, is now at its 5th major iteration. It has gone through several phases through the years as my interests and expertise have evolved. On the technological side, the site has been powered by WordPress since April 2010. Here’s a quick rundown of the tools and elements that were used to design and build the site.

How Was Created and Built

The site’s original design and graphics were created using Adobe Fireworks and the logo was designed in Illustrator. The design is NOT provided by a pre designed WordPress theme or child theme.

As of version 5.0, is powered by the amazing Genesis framework by StudioPress and the visuals were integrated into the site with the help of CobaltApps’ amazing Dynamik Web Site Builder child theme for Genesis. Custom CSS and PHP coding was done partly with Dreamweaver (yes, I still code with Dreamweaver, bite me! ;), if I could, I’d still code in HomeSite!) and partly directly in Dynamik Web Site Builder.

Regarding typography, the logo stayed the same for this version and the previous one and the fonts used in it include NeoSans and Myriad Pro. Body copy (HTML text) was set using Roboto and headers are in Fjalla One (both are Google Fonts). The color scheme was developed with the help of the desktop version of Genopal Pro and based on the sunset photographs I had taken in the fall of 2004, one of which is showing in the background of the site.

I took all the pictures that will appear in the soon to be revived gallery page using either my retired Canon S1IS camera or my iPhone 4S’ camera. The background image was shot during sunset in the Fall of 2004 with the Canon S1IS. The colors have been muted here as they are almost ridiculously bright. The original image has not been altered other than whatever treatment the camera applied to it and resizing. The colors looked even deeper, brighter and more impressive to the naked eyes on that day in that moment…

Any questions you may have about this site, myself or my work, don’t hesitate to ask. I am a freelancer running a growing company with many informal partners that have complementary expertise to mine and are equally passionate about their work. I’m not alone and we can probably help you. Just contact me.

A Little History of

This site has gone through many transformations since the original version went live in 2005. The original 1.0 version was up for a long time and many people complimented me on it. I look back at it rather fondly now but I decided to retire it when I converted the site to WordPress in April of 2010. It was time to move on and I was sick of it at the time.

Version 2.0 (on WordPress) was transitional and there actually were 4 distinct versions if I take into account the 2 free themes I used immediately after converting the site to WordPress while I was learning the ropes (these would be like 2.0 beta :). The “real” 2.0 version was on the Thesis framework for a while then was converted to Headway with slight changes in the design. In any case, version 2.0 was up too long and I was never satisfied with any of the iterations I’d designed myself to replace the original 1.0 design or the free transitional WordPress themes… but client work took precedence and it stayed up. Until I published version 3.0 in 2011.

I finally settled on a design I liked in June 2011 (and called it pixelyzed 3.0). The version that was up the longest was built with the Headway theme framework after version 2.0b had been powered by Thesis. Version 3.0 was mostly an exercise in simplification of the layout and that design evolution process continued to the previous version 4.0 that was powered by WooThemes Canvas.

I no longer use either either Thesis or Headway for several reasons as I now rely exclusively on the Genesis framework. I still have several client sites in maintenance that are built with both Woothemes Canvas and iThemes Builer but only one still on Headway 2.x and it is in the process of being converted to Genesis too.

The current version 5.0 of is powered by the Genesis framework. Visually, it’s an evolution of the 3.0 and 4.0 versions but, the elegance and efficiency of the Genesis framework coupled with HTML5 and markup make it by far the best version yet IMO. It is also more of a departure from the last one than 3.0 to 4.0 was and it’s more responsive than ever.

The design changes include further simplification and the addition of the full image background and translucent elements that give it more depth. The typography is larger and I did away with the boxed layout, rounded corners and drop shadows and everything is flatter. These are subtle changes but I really think they help. Under the hood and functionally, it’s another step forward from what I had before. Genesis and Dynamik make the site fully responsive with the kind of modern features that modern sites use. The Dynamik child theme gives me much more granular control over the responsive aspects and the typography than WooThemes Canvas ever did so it’s a huge step forward for me in these areas.

I will keep tweaking things in the coming months but I really hope you like 5.0.

Thank you for visiting!