4 Essential Extensions for Adobe Fireworks

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Here are a few of my essential Adobe Fireworks’ extensions. As much as I love Fireworks and work with it almost everyday, I find that its native creative toolset still has some gaping holes when compared to other vector based design application like Illustrator for example. On the other hand, Fireworks has a very dedicated and inventive user community and several of its members have create extensions to patch those holes or simply improve Fireworks’ workflow.

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My Journey to PHP: Converting webfocusdesign.com

As I hinted in an earlier post about my move to WordPress, one of the reasons for that decision was to help me learn PHP. I am well on my way and I have now created one client site with PHP (simple stuff server-side so it was easy) and I am now in the process of converting my business site (webfocusdesign.com) which is slightly more complex but still easy. The primary reason for that move is that I want to convert the blogs there to WordPress (2 blogs because i need one in French and one in English) and want to move the site to Mediatemple (mt). For now, the process has been… frustrating…

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A Quick Review of Fireworks CS5

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, or you are not a Web designer or working in a related field, you cannot have missed the announcement of Adobe’s new Creative Suite 5 a few weeks ago. I have been using two products in the suite for a while now, including of course, Fireworks CS5. As is becoming a tradition here on pixelyzed.com, here are my thoughts on the new version as well as a few thoughts on the future…

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Dreamweaver CS5 and PHP

I just read a very interesting review of Dreamweaver CS5 written by David Powers. David is someone I have known for many years and he has written many books related to PHP. He is someone who’s opinion I trust.

So his review of Dreamweaver CS5 was of particular interest to me as I am now fully embracing the WordPress platform and learning more about it every day. PHP is also becoming my second development platform (alongside ColdFusion) and any improvements to Dreamweaver for PHP development is great news to me… and apparently there’s plenty.

Unlike Fireworks CS5 which I have used and will review within the next few days, I haven’t used Dreamweaver CS5 yet so this review makes me anxious to get my hands on a copy and start integrating it in my work flow.

He also touches on other issues like HTML 5 and CSS3 support (or lack thereof) and why he thinks that, for now, Adobe made the right decision. Thanks for the great review David!

Adobe Illustrator Tips from an Expert on Twitter

This week on Twitter, my friend Jean-Claude Tremblay took the initiative of spending almost a full day posting tweets about Illustrator tips, tricks and techniques under the hash tag #AITTT. There is a treasure trove of useful tips and techniques in there and, if you use Illustrator at all, you owe it to yourself to go through them and learn from his experience. That will save you time in your work and you will discover features you probably didn’t know existed in Illustrator.

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