Any Interest in eBooks on Adobe Fireworks (and other subjects)?

To this day, my tutorial on removing image backgrounds non-destructively using Adobe Fireworks is still by far the most visited page on this site. I still receive email about it and questions from people requesting help with how to deal with their own images or more complex images than the ones the tutorial covered.

So, I’m throwing an idea out there : Would anyone be interested in a reasonably priced eBook on the subject that would go much deeper into the issue and even include some video where I show some of the techniques live? If so, what would you consider a reasonable price?

Furthermore, if you’ve had images that gave you trouble and would be willing to share them with me (an anyone who will read the eBook), feel free to contact me and you can then send me the images and I will choose some to use as examples. Any other feedback on this idea you want to provide is very welcome.

Other Subjects

If there’s anything else related to Web design, WordPress or any of the things I usually discuss here that you would like help with then share it in a comment or send a message directly to me. eBooks can cover a lot more ground easier than a blog post or online tutorial so, anything that might benefit from an eBook treatment is something I could write about.


My Tutorial is on Devnet

I should have blogged this a few days ago but better late than never…

I’ve had the pleasure of having my Removing Image Backgrounds With Fireworks 8 tutorial published on Macromedia’s Developer Center. It is a great honor for me and I want to thank Stefan Gruenwedel from Macromedia for asking me to publish it and for guiding me through the process. Having previously worked on a Fireworks book (which was never published due to Glasshaus going bankrupt) under insane deadlines, I can say it was a pleasure working with Stefan and the editors at Macromedia. You can find the (edited) tutorial here:

Removing Image Backgrounds With Fireworks 8

First Tutorial Posted!

Finally! Last night I uploaded my first tutorial to the pixel forge section of the site. It’s a Fireworks tutorial that discusses image background removal using a mix of vector and bitmap tools and functionality newly available in Fireworks 8 (specifically, the Marquee to Path feature). You can find the tutorial here:

Removing Image Backgrounds With Fireworks 8

If you have any questions about that tutorial then please ask them here in a comment to this post. If you have requests for new tutorial you can post them in a comment here as well or send them directly to me through my contact page.

I have other tutorials nearing completion including the "Why Choose Fireworks" article I "announced" on Macromedian Scott Fegette’s blog. The article is almost done but part of that article discusses Fireworks workflow advantages and masking is definitely one of them. Instead of detailing the steps in that article and lengthening it needlessly, I decided to write a full fledged tutorial and link to to it in the article instead. Now that it’s published I can go back to finishing the "Why Choose Fireworks" article as well as my adaptaion of the Photoshop watermarking tutorial for SlideShowPro users as well as several others that are in varying stages of completion.

Enjoy the new tutorial and post your comments!