The Real Pixelyzed 3.0 is Live (and Back with Headway)

Sometime last week I finally finished the “real” pixelyzed 3.0 redesign and switched the theme of the site back to Headway. I’m very happy to be back to Headway and will talk about it more in future posts as I truly think it’s the best WordPress theme framework for professionals doing client sites on WordPress.

The 3.0 design will probably be tweaked and evolve with time but I do not consider it transitional as I’d done with all the versions between it and the original pixelyzed 1.0 design (the one with the “pixels” grid). It is purposefully simple and I will help me concentrate on creating content.

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My Journey to WordPress – New Design Up!

As I already explained previously, on April 5th (2010), I migrated from another blogging platform to WordPress. Last night I changed from the free theme I’d been using to my own new design which I integrated into WordPress using the Thesis theme (more about Thesis below).

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New Site Launch!

Today I just launched my wife’s site after working on it on and off for months. Isabelle is a very talented artist-painter and this project has been a labour of love for us :)

The design is minimalist and the layout is very sparse. I wanted to put the emphasis on her artwork where it belongs. There’s a small Flash slideshow on the right that acts as a teaser but the gallery itself is all HTML/CSS/JavaScript (jQuery) and fully accessible with JavaScript off.

We are still working on minor text content adjustments and I’m having issues with the jQuery validation script on the contact page in IE6. I may remove the client-side validation on that page altogether as I do a server-side check as well (no nicely formatted messages but it works).

In any case, please visit the site at the following URL. As you will see, Isabelle does a lot of special order work (portraits and other things) so do not hesitate to contact her to discuss your project.