New Content In The Works

Well, it’s been a while since I posted as I have been really busy. For the few people who might have started to visit this site (I haven’t  publicized it much yet), please know that I have been busy working on a few things to add to the site.

First, I have been working on some more pictures to add the pixel gallery, mostly sorting and working on the best pics from our trip to Nova Scotia in August. I took well over 400 pictures during the trip and I am pleased with many of them. Look forward to a new section in the gallery soon.

The thing that has taken most of my time is the writing of an article and a few tutorials to add to the still empty pixel forge section of the site. The article called “Why Choose Fireworks” is an in-depth analysis of why I think Fireworks is by far the best Web graphics and site layouts design application out there. It is far more than the glorified slicing and optimization tool many people see it as and this article attempts to set the record straight. I’m also tired of seeing it compare to Photoshop (or worse, to ImageReady) when it is much more than that on many levels. This should be the first bit of content going up in pixel forge soon.

I’m also working on adaptations of two Photoshop tutorials including one about creating a watermark graphic for the new 1.2 version of SlideShowPro which is the Flash component I use for pixel gallery. In addition to that I have 5 more tutorials that are pretty much at the  embryonic stage right now, including a series that will be based on the ill-fated Fireworks book I participated in that was supposed to be released by Glasshaus before their demise. I was almost finished with the two chapters I was writing for that book and tech editing was well underway. I don’t want this material to go to waste so I’ll publish it here eventually.

So, despite the lack of activity on the pixellog, I’ve been busy writing and tweaking things on the site behind the scenes. I’m starting to be very happy with it and cannot wait to have more content to offer the community soon.


2 thoughts on “New Content In The Works”

  1. Thanks very much for your kind words Peter. I was very excited about my participation to that book and the sudden Glasshaus bankrupcy was a blow for everyone involved. It would have been a fantastic Fireworks book but, as I said, I’ll reuse that content eventually. In the meantime I’ve made progress on my tutorials and should post something up within the next week.

    Stay tuned!


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