Fireworks CS3 Updater 1 Just Released

This does not show up on Adobe’s Web site yet but, as has been announced elsewhere, you can get the new Updater 1 for Fireworks CS3. You have to update through Fireworks by going to the Help menu and choosing “Updates”.

The update fixes several critical bugs including shadows not scaling correctly in 9 slice symbols as well as legacy bugs like the stray unwanted pixel bug around sharp vector nodes/anchors on a vector path. I’m not sure what else the updater fixes. According to Alan Musselman, the updater listed the fixes but I didn’t see it.

In any case, it’s very nice to see Adobe being so proactive with updates. Other updates released recently include patches for Version Cue and Bridge. Good going Adobe!

1 thought on “Fireworks CS3 Updater 1 Just Released”

  1. I didn’t yet update my version of Fireworks CS3… 🙂

    But it’s good to see things in the process of fixing even that now FW CS3 is final. Good job, Adobe:)


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