Fireworks Performance and AntiVirus Software

There has been a few threads in the Adobe Fireworks forum recently where some users were having performance issues with Fireworks on Windows machines. Most of the time, their problems can be traced back to their using either Norton or McAfee antivirus software. Both of those are notorious resources hogs that use ungodly amounts of RAM and CPU power and slow down people’s computers, even with today’s powerful hardware.

I have used both antivirus software in the past and can vouch from experience that they can bring a computer down to its keens in terms of performance. This was several years ago when computers were already much slower than today but it seems not much has changed since then. You would think that both AV software vendors would have improved the well known and documented performance issues with their offerings but it seems that the same problems their users were facing 8 to 10 years ago are still present today. If at least those applications were actually good at what they were created to do (finding and removing viruses) then you might forgive a performance hit but every shootout or test I have read in the last 2 or 3 years shows that they are barely adequate at their primary task.

If you are also having performance issues with Fireworks or any other application and you are using either Norton or McAfee products, I would strongly advise that you re-examine your choice and look for other and better alternatives. After having tried countless antivirus packages and researched the issue thoroughly, I settled on Eset‘s NOD32 about 3 years ago and I have had no problem whatsoever since then. NOD32 has the smallest resources footprint of all antivirus software but also the best detection and removal track record. It won’t slow down your system and will not hinder your email application. It’s really well worth the price.

Another very good alternative is AVG AntiVirus wich I ran before NOD32. They also have a free version with most of the pro version’s features.

If you are using Norton or McAffee products, you owe it to yourself to try better alternatives and regain your system’s power and performance, especially if your regularly use resources intensive graphics applications like Fireworks or any other similar software. Don’t just take my word for it, try them…

9 thoughts on “Fireworks Performance and AntiVirus Software”

  1. Ok… Any specific reason why? Have you ever tried other antivirus software? If yes, which ones?

    Thanks for your comment!

  2. May sound strange, but at the office I use currently Norton AntiVirus 2003, and don’t see any performance issues, nor with Fireworks, nor with other programs… (Pentium-D 2.8GHz, 1 gig DDR667).

    At home I use BitDefender now, it’s not bad, quite lightweight, but sometimes gives problems (like prevents programs writing into registry sometimes, which results in errors, etc.) …

    NOD32 I didn’t test, yet.

    Thx for the recommendations!

  3. You’re lucky then Michel because that hasn’t been my experience on several machines. Admittedly though, my experience with Norton and McAfee on my own computers date back several years but here at the office, we were using Norton until early 2006 when we switched to Trend Micro. This has improved performance quite a bit here.

    Hopefuly Norton has improved its product in the last few years or hardware has just become powerful enough that you don’t feel the strain on resources as much as we did years ago. But usually, the difference becomes quite apparent when you install another AV. After Norton I went through a year with F-Prot, 3 with AVG and am now on my second year with NOD32. Until I bought my new machine recently, all were used on the same hardware, including Norton in 2001-2002 so I could really tell the difference.

    If you are ever in need of renewing your AV software subscription, really give NOD32 a try before renewing your existing product. I’m convinced you’ll be able to tell the difference.

  4. Thx for the recommendations!

    Actually (I know it’s not very polite of me, but…) when 12-months subscription of NAV 2003 expires, sometimes all you need is re-install it and you have another 12 months 😉

    I don’t know if this is OK, but because it WORKS with no tricks, no hacks, then I simply use it with no worries at all:)

    BitDefender was a present from a friend of mine (he had 2 licenses and gave one to me) and it’s quite good. NOD32 I’ll maybe try. Is it expensive? 🙂

    Cheers, M.

    [PS Did you get a message from me from your contact form?…]

  5. Oh, already saw it! Miracle! 🙂

    I’ll test some more… but I much much hope this will help me in most of the cases I experienced this FW bug with the blurry stroke effect… 🙂

    Thx, Stephane!

    It’s great there are people like you! 🙂

  6. Good stuff STÉPHANE. I inherited a pretty new computer with Norton. I am in Southern California and I have heard of this anti-virus before on a computer show here. The radio guy, Leo, used the term “No Open Doors” to remember the acronym NOD. I am going to bite the bullet, take your advice get NOD this evening. Will bookmark your site too. – Keith Southern California

  7. Awesome Keith! Although this is a couple years old, I still use NOD32 and still recommend it heartily. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with it. On the other hand, good luck removing Norton from that new computer 😉


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