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Nice post from Kim Cavanaugh on his Brain Frieze blog today where he’s giving props to the Fireworks user community that has been working with Macromedia and now Adobe for years to improve Fireworks which resulted in the awesome new CS3 version. Like Kim, I have been a member of Fireworks’ Advisory Group for several years and  I have been one of the most vocals to push for needed change. The new version is truly amazing but there is still a lot of work to do to get Fireworks to achieve its true potential and fulfill its early promise.

I want to join Kim in thanking Adobe for maintaining a close relationship with its core group of Fireworks fanatics… err… advisors… ;-) It makes it worth the countless hours spent logging bugs and Enhancement Requests as well as writing long and detailed message describing desired new functionality. The job of a beta tester is often a thankless one but Macromedia and Adobe really give us the opportunity to make a real difference. They realy listen and take our requests to heart. This is becoming a rare thing in the software industry and I really appreciate the opportunity they give me to participate.

I’ll post later about my specific thoughts regarding the new release. It really is a fantastic release and is well worth the upgrade price if you are an existing user and is also worth trying for the first time if you are not. Fireworks can help you get your creative juices flowing and design easier and faster than you ever thought possible. Good job Adobe!

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3 thoughts on “The Fireworks User Community”

  1. Good job, Adobe:-)

    I am pleased with what I saw in Fireworks CS3 (aka Fireworks 9) but I expected more, I avow that… Old bugs not fixed, good ERs not considered enough…

    Still, I am happy that FW got a new push, and I really hope after the CS3 we’ll see a great CS4 release, with more functionality, more fixes, more ERs implemented… a future "must-have" for everyone! :-)

  2. I expected more as well Michel but I think this time around it will be worth it to be patient. If I read between the lines of things I heard from Adobe recently including the Podcats interview of Alan Musselman that was published today on Creative Expert (, it seems Fireworks will get more resources for developing the next version and we just might fianlly get a version of Fireworks that really pushes the core creative toolset forward… fingers crossed ;-)


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