Fireworks is alive!

Well, it seems that my timing for the publication of the “Why Choose Fireworks” article was even better than I though… Danielle Beaumont the new Fireworks Product Manager at Adobe just posted a message to the Fireworks forum stating that Fireworks was still an important product for them and, more importantly, that it was still under active development… She even mentions that they’ll still need users help for pre-release (beta) testing. That is really awesome news! Go read it now!

That should finally shut up Fireworks’ doomsayers…

That news just made my day… well that and something else I’ll post about later ;-)

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6 thoughts on “Fireworks is alive!”

  1. Most excellent news!!! Photoshop should be left to print and video, and ImageReady should be terminated. It was a hack to make a print-oriented beast a web tool. Now that it’s no longer needed, it should die, and Photoshop can stop pretending to be what it’s not.

  2. Hi,
    Read your article on ‘why choose Fireworks…’ and it really raised my spirits;) I’d been living in the shadows of complexes about not having bucks for photoshop and so being ‘made’ to use Fw until the article helped me broaden my seeing a bit.
    I’ve always thought that some things are just easier for me to do in Fw and I’ve been really thinking hard why, actually, folks worship Ps. I’ve never aired my views just not be a wierdo. I think Ps has a great deal of commercial propaganda behind the scene and people choose to use it because it is the ‘standard’ and so they leave Fw behind, without actually giving a try.
    This article should be read by webdesigners-to-be in the first place.
    Thanks for refreshing the emotional links with my workshop software;) byebye
    Joey (from Poland)

  3. I am thrilled to read this. I am a HUGE PhotoShop fan … have been using it daily for 12 years. But for web work, Fireworks is far far superior.


  4. Ditto Terry’s comments. I can’t remember the last time I “needed” Photoshop for complex bitmap work – I’m not into high-end photography, print or image work, just websites and basic graphic design.

    I’ve been using Fireworks since I can remember, and would hate to have to migrate to Photoshop … it was uninstalled long ago.


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