Better Defaults v2 Axure RP Library Released

My friend Loren Baxter who is an Interaction Designer and UX Engineer and owns the site “A Clean Design” has just released version 2.0 of his fantastic “Better Defaults” library of widgets for Axure RP 5.5 and higher.

The new version of the library contains even more widgets than before, beautifully styled and ready to use in your Axure wireframes and prototypes. The main goals of creating such a library were of course to save time and have better visual consistency in your prototypes by providing better looking versions of the common Axure widgets without having to spend a lot of time re-styling them.

But what is really cool about it is that, in addition to looking good, several widgets in this library are ready-to-use, complex interactive controls or oft-used design pattern elements that would take you a lot of time to build from scratch.

It’s clear that Loren has spent a lot of time building this and, if you use Axure at all, you owe it to yourself to download this library and use it.

Thanks Loren!

2 thoughts on “Better Defaults v2 Axure RP Library Released”

  1. Well… it’s not “my” design ;), it’s a pre-made free theme called “Mystique”. I haven’t modified it yet (except for layout) but it got me out of my old design which I was tired of and onto the WordPress platform (see my previous 2 blog posts).

    I hesitated before putting a design that’s not mine on my blog but, time is short for me these days and, I at least got a nice looking blog going while I learn to theme my own design.

    And, again, absolutely phenomenal job on Better Defaults!


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