Macromedia Shwag

Macromedia Shwag: I haven’t been icluded on this because I have never attended a Macromedia event like Max or TodCon or any other but, since I’ve participated in several betas in the last few years I have received a few Macromedia items:

  • 2 car visor CD holders
  • 1 small travel alarm clock with the Macromedia logo on it
  • 1 great looking notebook

It’s not much but I though I’d share anyway… 😉 I’m really jealous of the people who got t-shirts, caps and stuff to wear because I would wear them proudly myself. Maybe I’ll finally get one of those before the Macromedia name disapears…

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1 thought on “Macromedia Shwag”

  1. Better if the Macromedia name DOES NOT disappear… Adobe is Adobe, and EVEN if they now will call Macromedia products Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash, etc., that would be very stupid…

    That’s just a big company merge, but people who work on Macromedia products are Macromedia people, not Adobe… And so will be, at least in the next 10 or 20 years, I suppose…

    So I think.


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