Back to the Fold!

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here… it’s been a very long, busy summer and fall so far. On top of all my usual work (and more time spent playing music and recording ideas), we’ve ben doing a lot of work on the house and more is coming.

A lot of it was long tedious work (re-doing major plumbing in a 4 feet high, sand floored basement), changing our bathtub and walls after discovering the old tile had been leaking for a long time, causing some rotting and forcing us to redo some of the floor and wall bottom. All that led to redoing the entire bathroom… New (gorgeous) tile floor is down, new bathtub and walls are installed and looking great, drywall has been replaced where we removed the old white tile on the walls. The toilet was changed too. We still need to install the new sink and vanity and paint after the drywall compound is done (we’re having that one part done as it is hard, messy, precision work better handled by a pro). This should be finished this weekend.

Later this month we’re moving outside to redo the exterior wall siding in gorgeous wood (it’s old white aluminum siding now) as well as add insulation. After that is done there won’t be an area of the house we haven’t touched either for major or minor work in the 8 years we’ve live here but it is worth it… We love our home and plan to live there a long time so we’re taking care of it.

In the days to come I’ll try to fill you out on my current and coming projects.

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