Why Choose Macromedia/Adobe Fireworks

Tonight I finally published my article titled "Why Choose Fireworks" which I talked about here before as well as on Scott Fegette’s blog. It’s been a long time coming but I think it’s particularly timely in these post acquisition days when there’s so much speculation and downright misinformation being spread about Fireworks. As I explain in …

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New photo gallery

Following on my Enabling Technologies post from yesterday, I’ve just finished uploading a brand new section of this site called pixel gallery.. It is an image gallery that is powered by the superb SlideShowPro Flash component which I use to display my efforts as a budding photographer. I started taking photography seriously (while having a …

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Site moved & New Blog App

Last month, I annouced the move of my professional site from another hosting company to HostMySite. That move has completed without issues so, last week I also moved this site to HostMySite and at the same time I decided to try another blogging application. I used to use Ray Camden’s BlogCFC which is a terrific (and …

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