4 Basic Criteria for Evaluating a WordPress Theme Framework

Note (last updated: 2020-05-27): The basic concepts in this post are still valid in 2020. But please note that I’m no longer recommending Headway, WooThemes Canvas or iThemes Builder that were mentionned in this article as valid theme solutions to use in new WordPress projects. All 3 themes are basically abandoned now (Canvas officially, the …

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Dreamweaver CS5 and PHP

I just read a very interesting review of Dreamweaver CS5 written by David Powers. David is someone I have known for many years and he has written many books related to PHP. He is someone who’s opinion I trust. So his review of Dreamweaver CS5 was of particular interest to me as I am now …

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MindJet Releases MindManager 8

Today, MindJet has released two new products: MindManager 8 for Windows and MindManager Web. I’ve blogged about MindManager before as it is one of the main tools in my creative arsenal. If you haven’t tried MindManager before or have been curious about it, now is the best time to try it and dive into mind …

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