Coming Up On In 2011

Note (2019-10-13): I’m leaving this article up for “historical” purposes but, please note that I no longer recommend Headway. I actually strongly recommend against it now for many reasons the first being that it’s clearly abandoned now. I’ve also had far too many problems with it in the past after I published this post and …

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Mucking Up the Fireworks?

A little while ago, Jason Santa Maria wrote a very interesting post about Photoshop and Fireworks (as well about Adobe in general…) in which he brings up many good points to which the powers that be at Adobe should pay real close attention. First, he admits that, although Photoshop is the Adobe application he uses the most as he designs Web …

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The Year 2007 on

An overview of the last year on Now that 2008 is just about to start, I thought it would be a good idea to write a style year end review. There’s been a lot of activity in our little world last year as well as in other areas of the software industry. Throughout …

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