Any Interest in eBooks on Adobe Fireworks (and other subjects)?

To this day, my tutorial on removing image backgrounds non-destructively using Adobe Fireworks is still by far the most visited page on this site. I still receive email about it and questions from people requesting help with how to deal with their own images or more complex images than the ones the tutorial covered. So, …

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Fireworks is alive!

Well, it seems that my timing for the publication of the “Why Choose Fireworks” article was even better than I though… Danielle Beaumont the new Fireworks Product Manager at Adobe just posted a message to the Fireworks forum stating that Fireworks was still an important product for them and, more importantly, that it was still under …

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Adobe, Macromedia & Fireworks

There has been a lot of discussion in blogs and newsgroups following the recent closing of the transaction for the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe. I have been reading a lot about it in the last few days, official words and commentary alike and there’s one thing that’s really been bugging me in many of the coments I’ve seen. There’s …

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