Discussion on Standards for Axure Design Librairies on Axlib

As I mentioned in my recent “My Top 10 Web Design Tools” post, I have started using Axure RP Pro for creating highly interactive prototypes, wireframes, site maps , flow charts and specifications. It is a fantastic application with a lot of depth that can create very complex prototypes.

Axure also has a growing community around it and, in recent months, several people and organizations have started to create libraries of reusable components that ease the effort of creating simple or complex interactive widgets from scratch in Axure. A list of the best of these resources recently has been published on A Clean Design‘s site and can be found here:

One of those resources is the open source Axlib project who’s aim is “to create a robust design library of common interaction patterns for use with Axure RP”. Axlib is both a Google Group as well as a Google Code repository for the latest version of the librairy. The reason I mention Axlib specifically is that there’s a great conversation going on now in the Google group about how those open-source Axure librairies should be standardized both in terms of how they are created and documented and anyone involved in UXD that is using Axure or is interested in using it at some point should participate. Some of the issues under discussion include:

  • Width of widgets (assumed page width, perhaps)
  • General look and feel, perhaps a simple color palette
  • Level of fidelity
  • Level of interactivity
  • Use and documentation of Variables
  • Use and documentation of Raised Events
  • Fonts and font size

If you are an Axure user, give this and other librairies a try and get involved in the community!

2 thoughts on “Discussion on Standards for Axure Design Librairies on Axlib”

  1. Stephane, I love your site. I have been addicted for several days. Lots of fabulous information. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  2. Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

    As soon as my company site’s redesign will be done, I’ll try to post some interesting new stuff here. Can’t wait to see new images on your blog too. Love your site!


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