Fireworks & Photoshop: Where to go from here?

John Nack from Adobe has posted and interesting entry on his blog requesting feedback from users on what we expect from a future version of Fireworks. There is apparently some internal debate at Adobe about the possibility of somehow “integrating” Fireworks into existing Adobe apps like Photoshop. Knowing me, you’re probably guessing that I think that is a VERY bad idea and I wish they keep developing Fireworks as a standalone application.

There are a few interesting comments following the entry, especially one by Dave Bricker as well as one of mine. If like me you believe in Fireworks and it is important to you in your daily design work, please post a comment on John’s blog and make yourself heard. Fireworks deserves its own place in Adobe’s future product line as the unique and powerful creative powerhouse that it is…

1 thought on “Fireworks & Photoshop: Where to go from here?”

  1. I have been using Fireworks for few months and when I bought a mac lap top a friend stalled his copy of photoshop CS. Boy, I am having a had time trying to work with it. I don’t have the options to create like I am used to with Fireworks 8.

    To be honest with you because aI am not friend with nobody in this business.

    If wouldn’t be for my firework 8, I could not create my “images” that look so cool and different than most of the Photoshop users.

    I am glad that that didn’t buy the Photoshop software.

    With my honest opinion,



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