This web site is about the technological site of building professional sites on WordPress. But unlike a lot of tutorial and reviews sites, I come at it from the perspective of a small agency like the one I co-founded in 2014 after many years as a freelancer. Whether you are a freelancer like I used to be or you work in an agency, you have to optimize your work flow and become very efficient at everything you do in order to maximize your productivity and profits. You also have to think about your technological and tooling choices in the long term, especially if, like us, you handle site maintenance for your clients or you maintain your own web site yourself.

With this technological content, I mix in some occasional opinion pieces on WordPress related news and happenings or the techno world at large.

Keep in mind that I am opinionated so this site is as well. I say what I think and I don’t hold back. I also reserve the right to change my mind at any time as I learn new things or circumstances change. My ongoing experience with different products and techniques inform my opinions so these can change over time. There are no silver bullet solutions that fit all needs and requirements in web design and development. So don’t be surprised if I say something one time and the complete opposite a year later. I may recommend a product or service now and another later. Software products and services evolve and change and sometimes stop being a good fit for your needs. Our clients’ needs also change with time so recommendations made in the past and for a specific context may no longer be appropriate or relevant down the line. Products in the WordPress ecosystem change and evolve as well and not always for he better. I will always explain why I came to change my opinion on something. This is so you can make more informed decisions yourself and learn from my experiences.

Also, I read and take heed of all my readers’ comments and they may influence my opinion on specific things with new information or ideas.

On Affiliate Links

Most of the products I recommend will have affiliate links to their vendors sites. These affiliate programs in no way influence the products I recommend here. I have never been paid to review a product. I have closed affiliate accounts and removed the links from my posts before and I may do it again. When I endorse and recommend a WordPress premium product, it’s because I’ve used it with success in real client projects. Use or don’t use those links but, if you find value in the content on this site and are interested in one of these products, I would appreciate your using my affiliate links as I put a lot of time and effort into the site. These will not cost you any more than if you buy from the vendors without using my links. I thank you very much in advance!

On WordPress

As you already know if you’ve been here before or follow me on social media, I’m a huge WordPress fan and it has become the cornerstone of the custom solutions we offer our clients at our agency. It has then become the main topic of interest on this site. I still believe that choosing WordPress as my Web design and development platform is the best business decision I have made when I became an entrepreneur. I am more convinced of that now over 8 years down the line than I was when I made the move and I’ve been working on the web for over 20 years now. So I’ll keep sharing the discoveries and techniques I develop for building complete Web sites based on WordPress.

Why this Site? was first created as a personal experimental site. I always loved technology and I wanted a place where I could test things and share my journey into becoming a web professional.

At first, I only saw it as a place where I could experiment with design ideas and techniques and I didn’t expect many people to be interested in it. But through the years it became a place for sharing ideas, techniques and useful tools related to my work as a freelancer then as an agency owner. Not only were people interested but they trusted me. Probably because I keep it straight and I’m never afraid to change my mind or admit when I was wrong about something. I also try to be rigorous and thorough when I write about anything and share my findings and opinion.

I added a blog sometime in 2005 and that is when I started being known as an expert on and rabid fan and evangelist of Macromedia (Adobe) Fireworks. The 2 most visited pages on the site to this day are the tutorial and article I wrote about Fireworks which were both picked up and published on Macromedia’s (now Adobe’s) site. These are in addition to numerous blog posts I’ve published about Fireworks. Now this site’s focus is WordPress and its ecosystem and community as well as the larger web design and development world.

Trough the years, I also developed a keen interest in what is now termed “User Experience Design” (or UX) and realized that it not only had always been part of what I do even though I didn’t have a name for it, but it’s always been my favorite part. I love to solve problems and help our client solve theirs. In the last few years, I’ve worked at formalizing my knowledge of this field to integrate it into our process for every client project we work on.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about anything here through comments or by sending me an email. I usually reply in a timely manner unless I’m really buried in work. I can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Welcome and thank you very much for visiting and reading!