Disclosure uses affiliate links

When I write blog posts that mention some WordPress and other products, I’ll often use affiliate links. What that means if that, if you buy one of the products I recommend using one of these links, I will make a small amount of money on the product you’ve purchased. You are not paying extra for this, the vendors pay their affiliates out of their profit.

This money is used to help ofset the costs of running this site like hosting as well as a small fraction of the time I pout into the site. If you choose to use my affiliate links to purchase products I recommend, I thank you very much!

Important note

The products I recommend are products I use for client sites, my own or my business’ or products I stand behind fully. I will not recommend a plugin or theme I don’t believe can benefit your workflow. This means I regularly remove affiliate links for products I no longer recommend. Through using products over time, I will sometimes change my initial opinion of it and stop using it for different reasons. I never delete past posts even when they recommend a product I no longer believe in. In those cases, I’ll often add a note to that effect in the old post and I absolutely remove all affiliate links to that product or vendor.

So you can be certain that my recommendations are based on my real world experience using these products for my in my agency clients or for my personal projects. This affiliate revenue is the only revenue I get from these vendors. I’ve never received any for of payment to review any product positively and my reviews and comments on those products are always honest at the moment of writing and are my own words. I do reserve the right to change my mind about any product I used to recommend in the past.

Thank you for supporting this site!

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