Going Forward with this Blog…

Anyway, enough of the criticism for now. I really didn’t mean for my first comments on CS3 to be critical but this suites packaging issue has been bothering many people and I wanted to address it.

I’ll soon post more about the new apps in CS3 themselves and explain why I think this is one of the best upgrades ever for many of the applications. As for Fireworks specifically, a lot of groundwork has been done in terms of integration that will pay off in the future, but the Fireworks team has managed to deliver very compelling new functionality as well. More on that later.

Also, you have probably noticed that the look of pixellog has gone back to normal. As I expected, going from the default BlogCFC template to the look has been far easier than doing the same with BlogFusion had been.  I really have to give kudos to Ray Camden for the incredible work he has done on BlogCFC since the 3.x version. I also updated the software from version 5.6 to 5.7 yesterday and the process was quite easy. I’m very happy I have switched back.

In the next few weeks you may encounter errors when accessing pixellog as I work on moving it from an Access database to MySQL. I’ve struggled quite a bit with this so far but I’m working with my hosting company to resolve what are probably my errors. I’m usually good with the technical side of Web design but this MySQL thing has not been easy for me so far…

So, see you later to discuss Fireworks CS3 and other CS3 apps!

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3 thoughts on “Going Forward with this Blog…”

  1. Waiting for more FW CS3 related stuff, Stephane:)

    It’s beeing very pleasing (and tiresome, sometimes) to see how the work on Fireworks went on, while testing it. I have hopes for CS4, also… Let’s see what’ll happen:)

  2. oh yes… I have high hopes and expectations for CS4 as well. One thing I miss in Fireworks CS3 which I didn’t think I would until I started working with the other CS3 apps more is the new Adobe UI found in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and InDesign. It really is a better, more efficient UI that gets out of your way and is very flexible and easily customizable. The InDesign team has done an especially good job with giving the ability to users to color oft used menu items and even add and remove things you may not be using very often. Very nice!

    Hopefully Fireworks and Dreamweaver will get the new UI next time…

  3. They <em>get it</em> next time – at CS4 ;-)

    I am almost sure of that:)

    But also, I have hopes that OLD bugs will be fixed and new, needed features’ll be added, as we expect that, and as we need them! I’d rather prefer old interface even in CS4, but some bugs as old as FW MX/MX 2004 to be finally fixed:)


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