Testing Windows Live Writer (2nd try)

I just installed and am now testing a nifty little app called Windows Live Writer which is used to write to your blog through XML-RPC from your computer without the need to log into your blog’s admin area.

Among the benefits of using such an app, you can save post drafts locally and have access to more sophisticated formatting options. I already had that since I was using FCKEditor in my blog’s admin area but Live Writer also adds spell checking which I didn’t have. In any case, FCKEditor did not work in Opera 9.2 which is my favorite browser these days (Firefox is just too slow on my aging machine but that will change soon… more on that later ;-)

Live Writer is just a cool little lightweight app that I can leave open for hours without my Web session timing out and which can automatically save drafts at timed intervals like most text editors can do.

For fellow BlogCFC users, you can look at this post from Ray Camden which links to this post from Dan Vega to get a step by step of how to set Live Writer for BlogCFC.

Update: Just an addition to test Live Writer’s ability to update an existing blog post.

Update 2: Updating seems to be working fine…

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