The Real Pixelyzed 3.0 is Live (and Back with Headway)

Sometime last week I finally finished the “real” pixelyzed 3.0 redesign and switched the theme of the site back to Headway. I’m very happy to be back to Headway and will talk about it more in future posts as I truly think it’s the best WordPress theme framework for professionals doing client sites on WordPress.

The 3.0 design will probably be tweaked and evolve with time but I do not consider it transitional as I’d done with all the versions between it and the original pixelyzed 1.0 design (the one with the “pixels” grid). It is purposefully simple and I will help me concentrate on creating content.

I’ve learned a lot in the last 18 months working in WordPress for all my client projects. It has really become the cornerstone of my business and I want to share some of my discoveries, tools and process with you all. So you can look forward to more frequent updates even if it’s shorter articles.

Hope you like the new look and, as always, I appreciate any comments you may have.

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