My Journey to WordPress – New Design Up!

As I already explained previously, on April 5th (2010), I migrated from another blogging platform to WordPress. Last night I changed from the free theme I’d been using to my own new design which I integrated into WordPress using the Thesis theme (more about Thesis below).

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Help me Get Keri the Canadian Explorer on The Hour!

Hey everyone! This post is a bit different (more than usual I mean…) and is a personal request to help me get one of my friends (Keri, The Canadian Explorer) on the most popular and best late night show in Canada: CBC’s The Hour with Georges Stromboulopoulos. This is a long shot, but I really think Keri deserves the publicity and would be a great guest on the show. But why do this? Who is this Keri? Here’s a little history that led to this crazy idea…

Keri was introduced to me on Twitter a while ago by another friend of mine, Mario Bourque. She is great person and a very endearing girl, and she’s come up with a crazy and fantastic project which entails travelling and exploring Canada in her car (she no longer has a fixed address), filming as much as she can and putting edited videos of it all on her site in addition to blogging about it. Her car is her studio and this all makes for a very compelling read and watch. You can see it all on her Canadian Explorer site along with her own explanation and plan she put up as a video manifesto. As I said, this is a slightly crazy idea and anyone who knows me knows I love crazy stuff 😉

But as I got to know Keri better, I started to get this crazy idea of my own. Isabelle and I have discovered the show The Hour a few months ago and have been fans of it since. One of its core purpose beyond entertainment is to promote Canada, Canadians and worthwhile causes and people in general. Exactly like the Canadian Explorer. So what could be better than put the two together?

So if you would like to help, I decided to start a little grassroots campaign to try and get Keri to appear on The Hour, or to at least to get George to mention her on the air and give her and her project some well deserved publicity. Either outcomes would be great but getting her on the show would be truly awesome! You do not need to be Canadian to help either. You may get the CBC if you live in northern USA and you can see a large backlog of full episodes on the CBC’s site at the following URL. The Hour really is a great show and at the very least, you might be entertained…

Now, how can you help?

The first step I took and that you can take is to write an email to George himself through the short form on The Hour’s site and recommending that he check out Keri and invite her on the show.

Make sure you include her site’s URL ( ) as well as her Twitter ( ). The page says that George may not read all the email he gets (how could he), but if he gets at either mine or anyone else’s who decides to write him as well to recommend Keri, we may get him to go to her site and maybe even talk to Keri on the phone… and that crazy thing just might happen!!!

The other thing I’ve done and I would appreciate you do as well is to use the show’s email address to write them directly. That email address is: Also, don’t forget Twitter as this is where it all started for me after I met and got to know Keri a little better. You can tweet to George here @strombo Again, it’s a matter of getting Keri and The Canadian Explorer‘s name to his attention.

Finally, if you feel like really making a difference, why not send The Hour a post card or a letter through good old snail mail? The address is as follows:

c/o CBC Television
P.O. Box 500, Station “A”
Toronto, Ont.
M5W 1E6

Again, this is a long shot but nothing will happen if we do not try. At the very least, I’d like to get George to mention Keri and the Canadian Explorer on the show and, if luck (or the power of though) is on our side, get him to invite her on the show.  In any case, I really think we need to get the word out about The Canadian Explorer as her endeavour is a worthwhile one and George is also a big proponent of Canadian pride and greatness. Once he hears about Keri… he will HAVE to invite her on the show!

If you have read this far. Thank you! Now, please take the next step, it will only take you a few minutes!