Playing again…

As some of you know, I’ve been a musician for most of my life (I started playing drums and guitar 30 years ago at age 11). For well over 15 of those 30 years, music had been far more than a hobby for me and my bandmates as we strived to "make it" in the music industry and I dreamed of making a living with my music. We worked very hard at it and achieved many of our goals but it was not to be…

As you are already aware of if you read the about me page, my last band separated over 6 years ago and I’d pretty much stopped playing guitar since then prefering out of frustration and other reasons and chose to devote my time and energies to perfecting the craft of Web design and development instead and that is progressing quite well. But now I’m glad to say that I’ve started playing and writing music again. I’ve got the creative itch again and I’m enjoying playing once more.

This was in large part fueled by some great news I had last year. If you don’t mind me touting my own horn, a song I wrote back in 1987 has been recorded and will be released by Martin Deschamps which is one of Quebec’s best rock artist/singer. His album launch with my song on it (which even more amazingly will be the first single!) is this Wednesday and I’m very excited about it although I have yet to hear his version. But knowing his previous work I’m sure it will be very good.

The song was a very special one for me. The lyrics were first written in English then adapted to French about 5 years later with the help of Isabelle my wife. It was written about one of the most significant parts of my life and it meant a lot to me. I’m very happy to see it resurected so many years later and to see that it still touches people. It’s an amazing feeling…

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  1. Thats a cool story. I also spent a fair amount of time taking my music pretty seriously but now find myself in musical limbo. Garageband on my mac helps me keep tinkering and scratch the songwriting itch every now and then.

    Your story makes me think that I should trot out some of our older tunes and put them on the web.

    Congratualtions on gettin gyour song recorded. Hope the royalties are of value to you.


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