MindJet Releases MindManager 8

Today, MindJet has released two new products: MindManager 8 for Windows and MindManager Web. I’ve blogged about MindManager before as it is one of the main tools in my creative arsenal. If you haven’t tried MindManager before or have been curious about it, now is the best time to try it and dive into mind …

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Another Piece of the Mind Mapping for Project Management Puzzle

Following on my two previous posts on the subject of mind mapping (here and here), I have recently found another piece of my "mind mapping for project management" puzzle. I’m currently developping my project planning and tracking methodology based on mind maps made with MindManager  and I am determining both what specific maps I’ll use …

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Mind Mapping as a Creative and Project Management Tool

My last post described the process of how I chose a mind mapping application. The introduction to that post briefly described why I thought it could be a valuable tool for idea generation and data organization and explained that I would use it as a project planning and management tool for my Web design and development projects. …

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