My other article published!

Good news! My second article "Why Choose Fireworks?" has just been published on Adobe’s Developer Center. Like for my tutorial that was published earlier this year, working with Stefan Gruenwedel from Adobe has made the article better and I want to take this opportunity to thank him publicly. I have had a crazy hectic year with all the renovation work on the house, my full time job and Web work and Stefan has been very patient with me and a joy to work with.

I also want to thank Alan Musselman for pushing to have my two articles published to begin with. Alan has been a big proponent of Fireworks at Macromedia and now Adobe and all people who care about Fireworks owe him a great deal…

My Tutorial is on Devnet

I should have blogged this a few days ago but better late than never…

I’ve had the pleasure of having my Removing Image Backgrounds With Fireworks 8 tutorial published on Macromedia’s Developer Center. It is a great honor for me and I want to thank Stefan Gruenwedel from Macromedia for asking me to publish it and for guiding me through the process. Having previously worked on a Fireworks book (which was never published due to Glasshaus going bankrupt) under insane deadlines, I can say it was a pleasure working with Stefan and the editors at Macromedia. You can find the (edited) tutorial here:

Removing Image Backgrounds With Fireworks 8