Any Interest in eBooks on Adobe Fireworks (and other subjects)?

To this day, my tutorial on removing image backgrounds non-destructively using Adobe Fireworks is still by far the most visited page on this site. I still receive email about it and questions from people requesting help with how to deal with their own images or more complex images than the ones the tutorial covered. So, …

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My Tutorial is on Devnet

I should have blogged this a few days ago but better late than never… I’ve had the pleasure of having my Removing Image Backgrounds With Fireworks 8 tutorial published on Macromedia’s Developer Center. It is a great honor for me and I want to thank Stefan Gruenwedel from Macromedia for asking me to publish it and for …

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First Tutorial Posted!

Finally! Last night I uploaded my first tutorial to the pixel forge section of the site. It’s a Fireworks tutorial that discusses image background removal using a mix of vector and bitmap tools and functionality newly available in Fireworks 8 (specifically, the Marquee to Path feature). You can find the tutorial here: Removing Image Backgrounds With …

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