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The State of My 2017 Toolset – Themes: Stability & Evolution

My last post on the subject of WordPress themes was in 2014. At that time, I had just gone through a process of changing my themes toolset for my small business to Genesis from StudioPress. (Note, April 2023: when I wrote this article in 2017, the older themes I referenced were already obsolete so I …

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Genesis Framework

The State of my 2014 WordPress Toolset – Themes

These State of my Toolset blog posts are becoming a annual tradition on and this year will be no different. If 2012 had been a year of all around stability and growth for me and my business, 2013 was one of continued growth in my business but one of significant change in my toolset. …

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WooThemes Canvas

Theme Review – WooThemes Canvas

Note (last updated: 2022-05-22): I’m leaving this article up for “historical” purposes but, please note that Canvas has now been abandoned and is no longer available anyway. So you should move on to another one of my theme review posts. Thank you for visiting! A Short Introduction to WooThemes Canvas Canvas is WooThemes‘ flagship theme. …

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4 Basic Criteria for Evaluating a WordPress Theme Framework

Note (last updated: 2024-03-02): The basic concepts in this post are still valid in 2024. But please note that I’ m no longer recommending Headway, WooThemes Canvas or iThemes Builder that are mentionned in this article as valid theme solutions to use in new WordPress projects. All 3 themes have been abandoned for a long …

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The State of my 2013 WordPress Toolset – Themes

When I wrote the 2012 version of this post last year, I did not expect it to become the most commented post on this blog ever. It made me realize that there is a real hunger for information about premium WordPress themes and frameworks out there, a need for opinions from people working with some …

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